A Little Thought – James Bustar

A little thought. I am priveleged to be able to represent entertainers especially in Australia during these times.

I am doing this from my heart for the love of the industry and not for my own worth, it may end up backfiring on me.. You never know when dealing with media how the end story will suffice.

To put it in perspective. I’ve worked this whole week and been super busy and earned $200. As I have from the start of the pandemic in lockdown, my projects have purely been to bring attention to the fact that the arts need attention and have been in many ways forgotten.

Entertainment must live on and we must stand to get our industry back on the road There are so many entertainers (and other industries) who have had to step into other jobs to just finacially get through this situation.. It is truly heartbreaking..

The Australian Government decided in March that the government subsidy (which I am well and truly aware didn’t benefit everyone) was no longer needed, although I know first hand of so many entertainers who have lost their livelihood.. it is definately still needed!

So many people from so many industries have been severely impacted, and I know it’s not just entertainers. But as an Entertainer, someone who grew from circus school, to street performing (which by the way, is still not allowed due to crowd gatherings – although if your at sports that’s fine) , to cruise ships… And reaching my dream. That dream is a memory…..

One day it will all be back again… One day…

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