Yep! – Thats Me on The Today Show

Yep, that’s me on the Today Show. Thank you to those who’ve reached out. I’m OK. During the interview, whilst reliving the past 18 months, a question about how I’d been coping hit pretty hard. 
I wanted to share a little of my story, not for sympathy, simply to offer a small insight into the past 18 months of an entertainer. 
It’s been 554 days since my last show & almost overnight my busiest year of gigs was cancelled without compensation. 
From Feb 2020 – July 2021 I was refused government support without reason & have only just begun receiving support for the most recent Sydney lock-down. 
It’s only thanks to my beautiful family that I have someone to live & haven’t been forced into debt. Thank you. 
My backup jobs (teaching, arranging, conducting, emcee, events) have been non-existent or close to during the pandemic. 
In March 2021 I was offered a contract in Europe should I be vaccinated & allowed to travel abroad. My application for both was refused by the Australian government. 
My partner of 6 years, Kathryn Relfy & I have been separated for 512 days. Kathryn, a UK citizen, has been refused entry to enter Australia & I to leave. Our only avenue to be together is a $7715 visa, more for a lawyer, with no guarantee of approval or, once approved, when we’ll be able to be together. Our application has been submitted. 
As a performer there is a fine line between what we create & everyday life. Creating & performing is who I am & being unable to do all I’ve spent a lifetime working towards has been harder to make sense of than I could ever have imagined. The toll this has taken on entertainers has been devastating. 
Once the current lock-down ends & life begins to resume ours will not. We will continue to be in the exact position we were 554 days ago, lost with zero confirmation as to when, how or if work will return. 
I am grateful for the health of those I love & understand many have been affected in their own way. Your pain is valid & I’m truly sorry for the hardships, loss & grief experienced. 
I miss my job, my life, my friends, my purpose, my future, my confidence, my independence & my incredible partner. 
Mikey Xxxx

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