The Lockdown Rap – Jonathan Nash-Daly

The Lockdown Rap

Lockdown has been difficult for everybody, but especially for performers because we base a large portion of our existence off having an audience in front of us, that feeling of having a live reaction to anything that we're doing. It's a two way street though, the audience watches and reacts to what they're seeing and we as the performer up on stage get a kick of adrenaline or energy from seeing their reaction, it's a true win-win scenario.

While lockdown has been in place, a lot of performers have been struggling with the fact that we won't have full audiences again for a while. This fact has made some people feel so obsolete that they're thinking about changing careers from something they've done their whole life and they love to something just to get by financially. Literally taking the heart and soul from so many of our upcoming and seasoned entertainers here in Australia.

My goal as an entertainer is to simply, always entertain. I am very blessed in the fact that I have multiple facets to turn to in times like these both to keep myself busy but also to create content to share with the world and spread joy when there is little of that around.

I made a series called the Lockdown Diaries, a kind of mocumentary based around the comedy stylings of The Office and What We do In The Shadows. I also recently made a parody rap music video, 'The Lockdown Rap' to spread some joy, entertain anyone who wanted to watch and keep my creative juices flowing knowing that we'll be in our current situation for a while longer yet.

I have attached the link below to the Facebook post below, it's fun, it's silly and you might even learn something. Head to the linked instagram page as well underneath for more content just like this one and much more.

Let's get through this together!
Stay safe, stay inside and always remember to be creative!

Jonathan Nash-Daly

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